Becka DeHaan -  Wait for the Wind Album

Becka DeHaan - Wait for the Wind Album

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Becka deHaan was born Rebekah Joy Thiessen in Winnipeg on July 11, 1984. Premature birth deprived her of all but light perception at the age of two months. A native of St. Stephen, New Brunswick, she was playing the piano before she could walk--and now performs under her mother's maiden name of deHaan. 

She received her certificate of Grade 10 piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music upon high school graduation in 2002—and in 2006 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Canadian Mennonite University, majoring in Biblical and Theological Studies and minoring in English literature. 



1. A Sunny Storm.

2. Body and Soul.

3. Don't Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down.

4. Don't Worry About Tomorrow.

5. He Restores My Soul.

6. Love Without Forgiveness.

7. Over the Rainbow.

8. The Dawn of Midnight.

9. Thrilling Atlantic.

10. Training to Fly.

11. Wade in the Water.

12.Wait for the Wind.