No Turning Back Album

No Turning Back Album

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Jeff Steinberg wants you to know that “God Has A Unique Design For Your Life!”   He knows. He was born with what others would call Handicaps - He has NO arms or hands, and malformed legs. 

This Tiny GIANT, at 4 feet 6 inches tall, has a most unique message
for you, your ministry family and your community:
“Quit focusing on the Handicap and start appreciating the Gift.

01 - I'm Never Goin' Back

02 - Have A Nice Eternity

03 - I Came Here To Stay

04 - All He Asked For Was

05 - The Christian Way

06 - I Have Decided To

07 - Alive And Living

08 - There's Enough Of God's

09 - Song About Life

10 - There Go I